11th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11)

06.12.17 News

Business 20 Recommendations for a Modern WTO

Open,  rules-based  and  fair  trade  promotes  prosperity worldwide. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development underlines  the crucial importance of trade for inclusive development. But not everybody has benefitted sufficiently from globalization yet. In particular small and medium enterprises still struggle  to access global markets.  We  need  to  redouble  our  efforts  to  ensure  that trade  works  for  all.  As  Director  General  of  the World Trade Organization  Roberto Azevêdo recently pointed out  trade  and  investment  are  increasingly  interconnected.  The  WTO  plays  a  crucial  part  in  this.  MC11 should pave the way for a modern trade and investment (T&I) agenda.

B20 Calls for:

  • Strong and balanced WTO Agreements to reduce obstacles to international trade.
  • Strong legal and institutional framework for implementation and monitoring.
  • Effective transparency mechanism to monitor trade policies and to ensure free and fair trade. MC11 should send out a clear signal against protectionism.
  • Effective dispute settlement to safeguard compliance and avoid escalating trade conflicts.

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